Nowibuy guarantees your peace of mind by providing a warranty on ALL of its wide range of quality products. We pride ourselves on our ability to resolve your issue the first time around and can be reached us with email: [email protected].

Our dedicated staff is always here to assist you and provide the friendliest customer service in the industry.


1-Year Replacement Limited Warranty

For most items of our store, they have fully 1-year warranty since the purchasing Date.

Some itemss will have 2 Years Warranty



1.Test Product to Verify it is Defective
Procedures to Determine if a Product is Defective

FLIP THE BULB AROUND: Some LED bulbs are polarity sensitive. If a bulb doesn’t work the first time you plug it in, please flip the bulb or the bulb’s connector 180 degrees in the socket. If it still doesn’t work move to the next step.

TEST OUTSIDE OF the VEHICLE: It is sometimes helpful to test the product outside of the vehicle. Wires from a standard 12V battery or connecting the vehicle’s battery can be attached to most products to verify operation.

SWAP COMPONENTS SIDE TO SIDE: If the product is part of a pair and one side is still functioning, switch the suspected defective product to the fully operational side to see whether it can work or not.

2. Contact the customer service department for warranty Replacement

Please contact us and at the Message part, please describe the item’s issues, and order number for further assistance.

If necessary, please take a short picture of the video so that our team can record the warranty documents

3. The warranty won’t be renewed for the replacement.